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Thanks to my membership in the L/Cpl. Jacob R. Lugo Detachment, Denton County, Marine Corps League I was introduced to Kathy King, President of King Financial Group (now handling Business Development for The King Team of HRM).  It didn’t take long for me to realize King Financial was more than just an associate member but the League’s Corporate Sponsor.  On several occasions I witnessed Kathy pledging hundreds of dollars for league charitable outreach to veterans.  I had heard of King’s Loans for Leaders program but didn’t really know details other than its targeted audience of vets, law enforcement, fire fighters/first responders, healthcare, teachers and small business owners.

My wife and I had spent several years repairing the financial damage from a failed business venture.  We had pretty good credit but minimal savings.  I had never used my VA mortgage benefit and knew it was touted as “nothing down”.  Yeah, right!  Maybe nothing down to the VA but everybody and his brother…title companies, tax authorities, inspectors, brokers, attorneys, underwriters and a battalion of paper pushers would be in line with their fees.

Somewhat hesitatingly, we approached Kathy asking if home ownership might be a possibility for us.  We reviewed a few details and Kathy encouraged us to fill out the on-line application and get to the heart of the matter.  What followed was about six weeks of sending documents back and forth, justifying this, certifying that; the only thing they didn’t ask for was the receipt for a late library book from my elementary school.

Throughout this ordeal...

King Financial was the Super Advocate for my wife and me.  Their thoroughness, attention to detail and persistence completely out performed our real estate agent.  King Financial on several occasions was literally having to correct contract errors made by the brokerage firms.  Their service completely eclipsed what I felt I could have ever expected. The best part is we closed with total out of pocket expenses of roughly $150.00.  This is no exaggeration, our earnest money was even returned.

If we had not personally experienced this we would never in our wildest imagination believed a hundred and fifty bucks could leverage a quarter of a million dollar home…it can and it happened for us.

Surviving six years in the Marine Corps has had it rewards, but this home we are now living in is at the top of the list.  Would I endorse King Financial Group and recommend to others?  I have and will continue to do so.  For those who have served or are serving let King Financial Group work a miracle in your life.

Paula and David Scott