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Step outside the house for a Win!

The Loans for Leaders Community Home Loan Program was designed by Kathy King of King Financial Group, Inc to save the Leaders of our Communities money on closing costs.  

The following occupations are eligible  for these savings opportunities:

• Veterans

• Police Officers

• Firefighters (and First Responders)

• Teachers

• Small Business Owners

• Healthcare workers (such as Doctors nurses etc.)


The Loans for Leaders program saved our last VA customer $825 in closing costs. King Financial paid the rest. And because of the zero down payment VA loan our client received his earnest money back at closing. He came to us unaware of the benefits of the Loans for Leaders program but as a honest and fair lender we offer our savings program to all clients who are eligible.

As a result, he sent us two referrals. 

As a consumer direct sales program this is a great opportunity for Realtors and Mortgage Loan Originators alike and is essentially A REFERRAL GOLDMINE.


So, where are the best places to sell this program?


Take your pick of venues, including: Schools, Doctors Offices, Hospitals, Colleges, any Small Businesses with 25 employees or less like Financial Planners , CPA's , Dentists -  the possibilities are near endless.


I know what you are thinking. Sales is a numbers game right?  Well, how would you like a sales team hitting the streets with you and a marketing team at your back? The Loans for Leaders website has everything you need to get started. 

Are you are ready to make some good money and help some wonderful people?


Once your are committed to participate in the program custom co-branded marketing pieces with your logo and contact information are available to you FREE of charge with our in house graphics department. We also add all participants and vendors to the Loans for Leaders website with back links and ad space is also available.


The Loans for Leaders team invites you to join us in growing our businesses together and sharing the joy in providing savings opportunities where they are most deserved.

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Kathy King is a 30 year mortgage veteran and owner of King Financial Group, Inc.  She designed this program as a way of Saying 'Thank You' to the Leaders of our communities by offering savings opportunities on their closing costs. 


The buyer/Leader has ultimate control of their total savings. That’s not all, we would be happy to add any of your favorite vendors like inspectors, insurance companies, warranty companies or other tradesman if they are interested in participating. Be sure to give your loan originator your preferred vendor list. 


We would love to have you learn more about this really simple program and join our team of Realtor participants. 30 minutes should be enough to cover just about everything you will need to know. 


Call us today and we can add you to our Loans for Leaders website as a Participant or a Vendor. Come in today and we will have meet our wonderful support team or if time is an issue we can bring you your Loans for Leaders Starter Marketing Package. 


Are you ready for your referral business to soar as you save money for the deserved Leaders of our community?


Benefits of the Loans for Leader program

• We are currently committed on a one year rotating radio commercial marketing ad on 570 am KLIF.

• A support team out on the streets selling with you!

• Web exposure on multiple websites including the Loans for Leaders and King Financial websites

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Kathy King
Kathy King has worked in the mortgage industry for over 30 years and has owned her own successful mortgage business for 25 years.
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