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4 Futuristic Kitchen Features

January 25, 2017
Home Living

Today's modern kitchens may include seamless appliances, lavish amenities and stylish upgrades, but they're still a far cry from the new technologies companies are developing. Here are a few of the cool features that could make it into your kitchen in the years to come.

Smart appliances

Appliances are beginning to incorporate technology that provides added convenience in ways we've not experienced before. For example, Samsung's revolutionary new Family Hub refrigerator, available now, features a Wi-Fi touch screen that syncs family calendars and displays digital notes and texts. Unsure if you should grab milk while you're at the store? Built-in cameras capture fridge contents so you can double-check with ease.

Touch-screen hubs

Touch screens aren't just for appliances. At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Whirlpool imagined one as a kitchen backsplash that serves as a hub for the entire house. The screen recognizes each family member and displays a personalized calendar with daily tasks and appointments. It can even harness GPS to track the arrival of the morning bus.

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Visible food storage

IKEA's 2025 concept kitchen includes pantry shelves that cool glass storage containers, keeping food visible so you always know what's on hand. The sink's built-in composter squeezes the water out of fruit peels and other organic matter and then presses it into an odorless puck.

Intelligent cooktops

IKEA's concept kitchen also features a smart table that serves as a prep surface and cooktop in one. Place ingredients on the table for recipe suggestions. Then use the built-in scales to measure ingredients and the embedded coils to heat individual pots, leaving the rest of the surface cool to the touch.

Whether you buy a high-tech fridge that helps to keep your family on schedule or another forward-thinking upgrade, the kitchen of the future will have some fun and useful features.

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