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What is Loans for Leaders?

The Loans for Leaders mortgage program is designed to save you money on closing costs for the purchase or refinance of a home.

If you are a Veteran, Police Officer, Firefighter, Teacher, Healthcare Professional, or Small Business Owner (25 employees or less), you are eligible for these savings opportunities. You can get started by contacting a Qualified Loans for Leaders Specialist, filling our our Pre-Approval Application or by Applying Now.

Who is eligible?

Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters, Teachers, Healthcare Professionals, or Small Business Owners (25 employees or less) are eligible. 

For more information regarding eligibility please contact one of our Loans for Leaders Specialists.

How does it work?

A trusted network of Real Estate related Service Providers allows you and your family the opportunity to compare and choose who you would like to use for the purchase or refinance of your home.

The Loans for Leaders program puts the power of choice in your hands. You are NOT required to use our participating vendors.

However, each vendor participating in the Loans for Leaders program offers savings to you. The more vendors you use, the more money you save. It's that simple.

How much can I save?

A bundle! Savings will vary depending your personal mortgage qualifications, loan program choices, and the number of participating vendors that you choose.

Some of our loan programs include Conventional, FHA, USDA, VA, and Jumbo loans. We also have a large array of specialty programs such as interim construction, land loans and lot loans.

Can I participate with a VA Loan?

Absolutely! If you are a veteran who qualifies for a VA Loan you can combine the benefits of the Loans for Leaders program with your VA Loan! King Financial Group’s experienced Loan Originators will gladly walk you through the VA Loan process, step by step.

How can I get started?

Contacting a Loans for Leaders Specialist is generally the best option. But if you would like to jump start your application process you can begin by getting Pre-Approved or by Applying Now on-line.

What's your interest rate?

Good Question! Rates vary daily and per each unique financial situation. To get you the most accurate mortgage rate quote please fill out the Quick Quote form or feel free to give one of our Specialists a call: 972-539-2500 - Kathy ext.222 - Alex III ext.224 - Alex IV ext.233.

What is different about this program?

There is plenty that sets the Loans for Leaders program apart from some of the other programs out there. For starters, all Real Estate Agents who participate in the program contribute the same amount. Also, the borrower is in control.

The more participating vendors that they select, the more savings opportunities they can realize.

Additionally, we are one of only a handful of programs that are open to small business owners (25 employees or less). We made sure to structure the program so it is always be open to new Settlement Providers/ Vendors who are interested in joining.

And most importantly, it allows local businesses to contribute savings where they are most deserved.

What are the benefits?

• No Marketing Fees
• No Other Eligibility Requirements
• No Renewal Fees
• Additional Exposure and FREE Marketing Materials
• Unique Selling Angle and New Target Groups
• Lead Capture Assistance

What's included?

• LFL Marketing Package
• Photo listing in LFL On-line and Printed Agent Directory
• FREE custom built co-branded marketing pieces
• Loan Officer Assistance in hitting the streets with your marketing efforts
• All of the program's efforts promoting you as a Participant in the Loans for Leaders Program

How can I Participate?

Contact a Loans for Leaders Specialist now or complete our Join form to enroll in the program and schedule your first strategy meeting.

Where can I sell it?

Everywhere and anywhere there is a Community Leader.**

How do I sell it?

There are many ways but the most tried and true is to explain the structure and purpose of the LFL mortgage program. It is designed to give local businesses the opportunity to "Say Thanks" to the leaders of our community by offering them savings opportunities at closing.

If you would like some more information on how to best sell this program please consult a Loans for Leaders Specialist.

Will I have help selling this program?

Our Qualified Loans for Leaders Specialists are standing by to help you! Please contact one of them now to discuss the best strategy for you.

Are you willing to take on new vendors?

Our program was specifically designed with this in mind! If you know of a Real Estate related vendor who would be interested joining the program and "Saying Thanks" please have them fill out our Vendor Application or contact Kathy King.

What is required of a new vendor?

Our vendors are only required to provide a savings opportunity for eligible Leaders and to allow us to market your brand in the Loans for Leaders program. Yes, it is as simple as that!

What do the Vendors get out of it?

A great deal! FREE website exposure and some SEO improvement is provided with back linking. Your company will be listed as an option to all applying leaders, you will show up in ad areas through out the Loans for Leaders website, and you get the honor to join our team in "Saying Thanks!" 

If you have any additional questions please feel free to give one our Loans for Leaders Specialists a call or to utilize our Ask A Specialist web form.
*Eligible community Leaders as listed in the Loans for Leaders program: Teachers, Healthcare Professionals, Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters & Small Business Owners of 25 employees or less.
** Permission is often needed to market to individuals at certain locations. The Loans for Leaders program, its founder, participants and other involved entities are not responsible for any negligence of the law or trespassing. Please seek out the appropriate permissions with site authorities before hand.
Still have questions? Request a FREE consultation.
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