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5 Mortgage Related Terms Explained

April 19, 2017
Home Buying
You have a lot to consider when shopping for a mortgage, and you don't want unfamiliar lingo bogging you down. Make sure you know these 5 terms.
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5 Areas That Deserve Your Attention

March 29, 2017
Home Living
While you're probably up on the basics of spring-cleaning, like washing windows, cleaning blinds and shampooing rugs, there are several areas you may overlook.
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Writing Listings That Sell

March 15, 2017
Home Selling
Specific words are more powerful than generalizations and can strongly impact a sale.
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3 Ways to Drop Your Interest Rate

February 15, 2017
When was the last time you evaluated the interest rate on your credit cards? The higher the rate, the more that "borrowed' money is costing you.
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