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Real Opportunity For Real Savings

What is this Program?

Loans for Leaders is a mortgage loan program designed to save some of our community Leaders money on closing costs for the purchase or refinance of a home. If you are a Veteran, Police Officer, Firefighter, Teacher, Healthcare Worker, or Small Business Owner (25 employees or less) you are eligible for these savings opportunities.  

How Does it Work?

Our trusted network of real estate related service providers (vendors) allow you and your family the opportunity to compare and choose service providers for the purchase or refinance of your home.

The Loans for Leaders program puts the power of choice in your hands. You're NOT required to use any of our Loan for Leaders participating vendors. However, each vendor participating in the Loans for Leaders program offers you closing cost savings opportunities. The more vendors you choose, the more savings opportunities you have at closing. It's that simple. Our participating vendors appreciate you and what you do for our community.

Loans for Leaders program provides a real opportunity for real savings for people who help build, protect and educate our communities. Our communities are amazing places to live because of your sacrifices. 
From our network of Loans for Leaders vendors to you, we would like to say:
"Thank You for YOUR Trusted Service." 
Who is Eligible for the Loans for Leaders Program?
  • Veterans  
  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters/First Responders
  • Teachers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Small Business Owners (25 or less employees)

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 
Sat - By Appointment - or Apply Online Anytime!

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Call Today: 972-539-2500 X 222, 224, 229, or 233  
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